The Meat of What We Do

We source from the finest suppliers of Australian and New Zealand meats on behalf of our customers to ensure they get the most reliable market knowledge, the best products and competitive pricing, all-year round.

Our service reduces purchasing costs, improves processes and minimises business risks through:

  • Vital Global Intelligence – such as commodity prices, production, consumption, imports, exports and future trends, to enable our customers to make important buying decisions according to demand.
  • Long-term Customer Supply Programs – to secure a reliable, all-year-round supply of a consistent product with consistent specifications.
  • Safety & Quality Programs – that adhere to strict certified international food standards, government accreditation and religious slaughter licensing.

All our suppliers meet the most stringent HACCAP, AQIS, HALAL requirements and our staff travel regularly to plan and action programmed sales initiatives with customers.

Talk to us. You won’t be disappointed.

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